Sunday, May 28, 2006

Set your sights on "Death Ray"

It's Kenny Ray's job now. Perhaps Bobby will play match-ups here and there, but this much we can assume: Next time there's a save opportunity, Chris Reitsma won't get it. It's a shame -- Chris is a helluva guy, proven by the way his teammates, and Bobby, have stuck behind him. But he's no closer, as evidenced once again Sunday afternoon.

And Ken Ray is? He looks more than capable so far, but it's hard to imagine a 31-year-old journeyman salvaging our 'pen. The guy was probably one step away from playing in the Korean League, and now our playoff hopes rest squarely on his shoulders (barring a trade).

Also, looking for as much feedback as we can get on what to do about Wilson. Put him in left, or first? Keep him where he is? Or trade him for pitching help?

I vote the latter, if we get a premium arm in return. Obviously I'd rather Betemit stay put, but I don't think that's a luxury we can afford anymore.



At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Jeff said...

It was a year ago tonight that the Braves gave Mondesi his walking papers. I don't think they'll do the same w/ Reitsma, but he definitely needs to be demoted from the closer role. That said, I don't think Ray is the answer there. I'd rather the Braves go after someone. Who? That I don't know.

As for Wilson, I hate to see the guy traded, but if he's able to get the Braves someone to nail down some of these close games then it'll be worth it. I wonder if maybe Kelly Johnson is going to be dangled out there once he's healthy.

And Hayzeus, this team strikes out a lot.


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