Tuesday, May 30, 2006

(Potentially) bad news

Newsday, not the most reliable source, is reporting that Roger Clemens has decided to return to the Astros. As much as I loathe the Evil Empire, I'd rather the Rocket head north (actually, Boston or Texas would be my preferences).

Why not Houston? Blame the Mets. With New York's other team a definite playoff contender, we have to consider the rest of the National League's elite as rivals. Right now, because of their bullpen instability, you'd have to rate the Bravos behind the Mets in the East.

Besides the Metropolitans, I'd place the 'Cards -- assuming Cris Carpenter's injury is as minor as it appears -- and Dodgers as the teams to beat in their respective divisions. Next best: the Braves and Astros (Arizona is off to a nice start, but their starting pitching beyond Brandon Webb is atrocious). With Clemens, Houston gets the edge. Without him, advantage Atlanta.



At 9:22 PM, Anonymous Jack Straw said...

Has anyone checked Clemens for steroids or HGH? Never in recorded baseball history has a pitcher been this good at his advanced age. He's been better the last five (5) years than when he was 28 through 32 years old, what should have been his prime.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger CDavidson-CBoone said...

I'm inclined to disagree, because Clemens workout regimen is legendary, and it's not like he looks totally different now than he did 10 years ago (a la Bonds). And while Nolan Ryan wasn't as dominant as Clemens at the same age, he was as good in his late 30s and 40s as he was in his 20s (if not better).


At 10:22 PM, Anonymous JGraham said...

I think he's juicing.


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