Tuesday, May 30, 2006

JS is looking for bullpen help

More kudos to the local organ’s Jeff Schultz. He’s got a column online that includes the first comments I’ve seen from JS acknowledging that the bullpen is a mess and that he is trying to make a deal.


“The situation with the bullpen now, even as early as it is, we’re far enough into the season where the body of evidence is there,” said Schuerholz.

Schuerholz doesn’t divulge a whole lot. For him, this was the equivalent of yelling, “My head’s on fire.” …..

Schuerholz still hopes a closer will emerge from within the franchise, but said: “I would be less than honest if I said we haven’t talked to people [about potential trades], because we have. Calls have been made.”

It might or might not mean anything, but JS also insisted that he has not been told he can't make any deals because of the pending sale of the team. To think that when the home team acquired Reitsma in March 2004, then-Phillies manager Larry Bowa was quoted as saying he hoped it was not Reitsma when he heard the Bravos had gotten a pitcher from the Reds.

On the other topic du jour, it is more than obvious that we here in the Office are huge Bobby fans and don’t brook much criticism of The Skipper. But it seems past time for him to get Betemit on the field. The guy is right now a better hitter than at least three Braves playing far more than he is – LaRoche, Langerhans and Diaz. For the moment, he’s hitting better than Giles, but benching Gilly would just be silly. He’s a proven producer. And you could make an argument that Willy B’s a more complete hitter than Frenchy, but despite his peaks and valleys Francoeur has contributed plenty. Like Giles, benching Frenchy would clearly be foolish.

So get Wilson a first baseman’s mitt. Start hitting him fungoes in left. LaRoche and Langerhans, L.L. Cool Breeze, are hitting a combined .242 and striking out every 3 at-bats. Betemit has as many homers and three fewer RBI than Langerhans in 57 fewer at-bats. With regular playing time, Betemit might level out and be no better than L&L. So what? Give him a shot and see. All he does now is produce and have solid at-bats. We need more of those.

-- CD


At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Jeff said...

re: Willy B


At 1:07 PM, Blogger dawgman said...

Man, yall might as well give it up, dude. the braves ain't no good, it don't matter cause the preseason college football magazines are coming out. Watch out for the DAWGS in the EAst, bro.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger dawgman said...

I mean the SEC East, not some baseball East. Woof!!

At 4:03 PM, Anonymous E. Normus Johnson said...

Hey Dawgman, don't you even want to see how the Dawgs play out in the college baseball tournament before you start getting a nut on football?

At 5:27 PM, Blogger dawgman said...

Nice name, e. Well, I'm a little interested, but dude, football is what's its really about around here.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger CDavidson-CBoone said...

Hey Dawgman,
Bet you're a big Beau Bock fan. And I'm guessing you didn't even attend UGA.


At 12:07 PM, Blogger dawgman said...

Hey cdavidson-cboone .. what the hell is your name? Don't question my loyalty to the Bulldogs. I got framed autographed pictures of Coach Dooley and Erk russell and erschel and Buck Belue in my house. Some damn diploma don't mean your a better fan, smart ass. I bleed red n black. Beau Bock's OK. He's a football man and I like that. Gooooooo Dawgs, sic em. Woof woof!!!

At 12:12 PM, Blogger CDavidson-CBoone said...

Sorry Dawgman, but I will question your ability to spell. Who's Ershcel? Were you able to make it past the first year at Georgia Southern or were you too busy watching the football team play football on the football field? Were you getting after it, too?


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