Friday, December 16, 2005

Local radio hack reaches all-time low

Trying to select the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard on sports talk radio is like picking the worst ever Michael Bolton song. It’s overwhelming.

But something broadcast this morning on an Atlanta station, 790 the Zone, has to be the most absurd bit of sports audio I’ve come across. It was a Beau Bock “commentary.” Not only is the commentary stupid; the story he tells is not even true. But keep in mind this guy sees genius in Jerry Glanville – he of the California trophy, the 28-38 record with the Falcons, he who was passed over for the head coaching job at Sam Houston State and is the defensive coordinator at the U. of Hawaii.

Meanwhile, Bock bashes Braves management at every opportunity. Those opportunities are scarce, sure, but that doesn’t stop this imbecile. Today he slid to a nadir. Whatever gram of credibility he might have had is vaporized. Here’s what he said. In an attempt to link Arthur Blank’s interest in buying the Braves to the Falcons, the former U. of Miami football player and pro wrestler lambasted JS for not biting on a “promotion” offered by the Falcons in 1992. The supposed promotion involved having Deion Sanders play for the Falcons and Braves simultaneously.

Both franchises, Bock bloviates, have “spent the majority of their seasons since 1966 in the dumper.” Comparing the Braves and Falcons is so plainly ludicrous it doesn’t merit comment. In any case, the Smith family -- you recall them, the fabulously successful louts whose team to this day has never posted consecutive winning seasons, one of whose number was most famous for having a secret second family – graciously offered their fast cornerback to the Braves, Beau tells us. JS, though, “turned his nose up and left the birds out in the cold.” Bock uses this 13-year-old triviality to justify his contention that Schuerholz would not work for Blank, “not with that attitude.” So if Blank buys the Braves, he’s going to fire JS?

The whole thing was such a colossal blunder by JS. The Braves only won the National League pennant in the most exciting game in team history. And never mind that Sanders actually did play for both Atlanta teams in 1992, including for the Braves in the NLCS and World Series. In fact, he played for both teams in a single day during the 1992 NLCS, though he didn’t get in that night’s Braves game.

In fact, if you read the coverage from back then, which Bock clearly didn’t, you’ll find that the Falcons were hardly offering up Deion’s services to the Braves. It was just the opposite. They didn’t want him to miss football practices to play baseball. Here’s what Len Passquarelli, a highly regarded NFL writer then with the AJC and who now appears regularly on 790 the Zone, wrote on Aug. 21, 1992 about Deion playing for both clubs:

Q. Won't the Falcons be miffed that Sanders is once again expending tremendous energies as an athletic moonlighter?

A. Sure, but there's nothing they can do about it. Once Sanders finishes on-field football practice and a short position meeting, his time is his own. The Falcons can't tell him not to spend his evenings playing baseball.

From the Aug. 1, 1992 AJC:

San Francisco - Though negotiations between the Atlanta Braves and Deion Sanders's agent failed to produce a new contract, Sanders's decision to remain with the baseball team and delay reporting to the Atlanta Falcons came down to this: "There was no reason to leave now," Sanders said Friday after visiting at the home of rapper Hammer before arriving for the Braves' game against the Giants. "We're still in a pennant race and that wouldn't be fair. I would like to stay all year. I want to work something out with them."

From a July 2, 1992 Pasquarelli AJC story:

The Atlanta Falcons took the offensive in the Deion Sanders Sweepstakes on Wednesday, offering the two-sports star an extra $1 million to leave the baseball Braves 19 days early and report to the football team on time.

Beau Bock 13 years, five and a half months later:

The Rankin Smith Family who owned the Falcons grew up in Atlanta and they were rabid Braves fans, and of course wanted to participate in Deions two sport work load just so the newspaper would say "Falcons lend Deion to the Braves to help win a pennant." It would have been a win-win situation for both organizations but Schuerholz never called the Smiths and the opportunity was wasted in the backwash of the helicopter that whisked Deion away from Suwanee every afternoon. Now Schuerholz possibly would be working for Arthur Blank- AHHHH, not with that attitude.

With this, Bock receives the first “Office Fool” Award.

-- CD


At 4:10 PM, Anonymous JGraham said...

Yeah, I heard the Dean's commentary the other day. Those things are about as predictable as Mark Bradley's and Terrence Moore's columns. They are basically:

1) Jerry Glanville is the greatest coach in Falcons history. No, make that NFL history.

2) Deion Sanders is the most underrated player in Braves history.

3) The Braves have no accountability because Bobby Cox hasn't been fired.

4) John Schuerholz is an arrogant putz who should be fired for not firing Bobby Cox.

5) The jury is still out on whether recreational use of steroids and HGH is bad for you.

I don't understand why the 790 guys feel like he has any credibility concerning local sports. At least he no longer has a regular shift.

At 4:49 PM, Blogger CDavidson-CBoone said...

I generally enjoy 790, but that guy is worse than a joke. I guess they let him on the air because they like him.

At 5:35 PM, Anonymous JGraham said...

I think they view him as having some sort of grativas just because he used to drink with Skip Caray.

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