Thursday, November 17, 2005

Zack sacked

Morris News Service has fired longtime Braves beat writer Bill Zack.

Granted, it’s not earth shattering news. But Zack was, I’m pretty sure, the longest serving writer on the Braves beat, having covered them since the early 1990s for various papers and news services. The local organ, of course, changes Braves beat writers more often than Terry Pendleton changed batting stances.

The average fan probably doesn’t care that an abrasive sportswriter lost his job. The circumstances, however, are interesting. According to word around the sports journalism campfire, Zack refused to do offseason stories and for some time had been pitching a real estate investment scheme to Braves players, most notably John Smoltz. Smoltzie had apparently blown him off.

Word is Terry Mulholland – who can’t pitch much anymore but has unknown investing acumen – is in on the deal. Zack’s brainchild supposedly involves apartment projects in India. Hey, Bill, John Rocker’s in the real estate business, and he’s quite the internationalist.

-- CD


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